Varies with the office and PDF documents Typical applications

Modern network society , people’s daily habit of writing has been very open Microsoft Office software , save the input text and simple graphics to typeset a document , at the same time , quite a few people have got used to write yourself a office on the document dump as a PDF document , specifically for external release and exchange. So, we work up to daily contact with the electronic document is almost as office and PDF documents.
PDF documents with Office documents ” and different”
First, the structure of different documents , different characteristics . Accordance with the professional jargon , Office documents belonging streaming documents, PDF documents belonging to the layout , the two different characteristics . Layout is characterized by fixed-layout document (including typography , layout , font , font size , etc. ) , high-fidelity and small, regardless of the platform ( in any operating system, any equipment , documents showing consistent ) . Both PDF and Office document structure are not mutually exclusive, but each in a different part of the electronic document handling processes in the role . Office applies to front such as document creation and editing text , PDF documents focusing on the backend such as information dissemination, distribution share and long-term storage. No documents were written only for yourself , is certainly to be used to communicate . Typically the document creator may have one or several , but the document is read by tens of millions of billions of magnitude. Therefore, the two documents in the document’s life cycle are best reflected different stages.
Second, the fact that open standards and proprietary standards distinction. PDF is a universal document open international standards , but also as a long-term preservation of electronic document formats become China’s national standards. The so-called open standards , the application of technology that it does not depend on a particular vendor . For example , there is the world famous products 4-5 PDF to Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader (Foxit Reader) as a representative , you can use any one company’s product to open, edit and protect PDF documents. And Microsoft Office are proprietary format standard application subject to Microsoft, we often encounter open or open garbled , this is because the level of version brings compatibility issues between Office , and PDF absolutely no problems .
Third , PDF is the most popular Internet era , the most commonly used document circulated format , long-term preservation format. Google search on the Internet through existing Doc format documents ( ie Word document ) and the number of PDF documents , found PDF document is eight times the number of document Doc (Doc document is 85400000 , PDF documents more than 700 million ) . Therefore , some experts this analogy : PDF documents are Mandarin , Office document that dialect.

Since 年2007 PDF becomes ISO 32000 international standard , technology and application of PDF has been rapid development , and the derivative of the PDF / A ( storage standard ), PDF / E ( engineering standard ), PDF / X ( print standard ), PDF / UE ( secondary standard) subset , and promote the evolution of PDF technology in all sectors of development and application of standards . But compared to foreign and domestic standards for PDF awareness and application level there are many gaps, and even some information technology executives are not well understood. The following describes some typical application scenarios PDF document:
( A ) Document fidelity : for document publishing and exchange
PDF document with a serious, authoritative , features class printed material , widely used in information dissemination and sharing of today’s Internet era. We see a lot of people when sending mail attachments in PDF documents , and publish to the internet for everyone circulation of documents are mostly PDF documents, such as government documents , corporate business reports, financial statements , academic research materials , e-books , product brochures , and other electronic documents .
Create a PDF document from the source , the people want to release or transfer of documentation is for people to see , and hope that their layout to be respected, keep reading and print on any device consistency , but do not want others in the document above make changes , this time will be realized through the Office document formats conversion kit or a professional PDF software. But only realize its Office suite document formats such as Word, Excel, PPT formats to PDF conversion , PDF technology vendors and professional will be able to present as many as 200 kinds of document formats into PDF, while professional PDF software also of the converted document protection, such as unmodifiable not print , can not be copied , and these functions can be easily set via PDF professional software.

Open and read PDF documents, you can choose any one you like PDF reader, or you can use IE, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers to read online. Professional PDF vendors online and offline reading reading two different technologies to protect documents and browsing experience, especially the trend of cloud services based on the document , the document provides a cloud reading , and reading progress annotation data synchronization applications.
(B ) Digital Paper: The paper documents can be processed into long-term use of electronic documents
PDF documents are paper-based data into the electronic document format of choice . Usually people information by scanning device to scan and convert paper documents to PDF , and use professional PDF software to scan files for ” binding” : multiple copies of scanned documents on a merger or deletion , the direction of rotation on the page , on the page order adjustment.

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Lengthy Word document layout using a mobile phone useful features articles

As Office software , Word is the document we are most often dealing with it. About How to Write a Word document or typographical Raiders already pretty numerous, but on how to use the phone , tablet and other mobile devices to edit and view Office documents but rare skill . Leave the computer mouse and the survival of our writing office documents , can I? Today, with A mo to learn how to use the phone lengthy Word document layout basic function of it .
WPS rich text formatting is a full-featured mobile version of free office software that allows you to enjoy the same document on a computer operating experience . In the text formatting , including bold , italic , underline , font color , alignment , highlight , search, zoom, full screen and so on. Feature on all computers we have.

Rich formatting capabilities
Built- paragraph paragraph layout layout features a built-in features to help you make quick adjustments to the paragraph formatting of the document. Support paragraph indent settings, and offers five paragraph indent settings, but also can clearly see the front section of the distance scale settings . Details of a document processing is a manifestation of intention or not the place . Interface is shown below ;

Paragraph after paragraph layout settings and set the distance
Document, insert a picture , of course , you can also insert a picture in the document as needed , and the pictures to view , delete, crop, rotate , move, zoom , wrap and other operations. Method of operation is to be found in the toolbar to insert function , can support after clicking “User Gallery “, ” captured image ” and ” Kingsoft disk ” three choices. Then click on the picture to pop up the corresponding operating tips .

Can be inserted picture crop, rotate, delete and other operations / image cropping function
Insert Table Function
Office functions as an essential form , WPS how many non- mobile version of nature . It should be emphasized that , WPS mobile optimized version of the operating functions of the table , making it more suitable for operating mobile phone, tablet and other mobile devices.
How to click on the toolbar “Insert ” button, select the table . In addition , you can insert a table by the number of rows , number of columns is set to provide a default style, you can set the style for the table , as shown below:

Document, insert a table function / table demonstrates , the number of rows , number of columns set
Insert a page break functionality when a page filled with text or graphics , WPS Office Mobile text will automatically insert a page break to start a new page. WPS Office Mobile support page at a specific location . Move the cursor to where you want to insert a page break , click on the ” ” Insert icon , select ” breaks ” on the toolbar to complete , the effect is as follows:

Results show breaks
Kingsoft WPS Office Mobile office software is launched , running on the Android platform, full-featured Office software , support to view, create and edit a variety of common Office documents , user-friendly mobile phones and tablets used to meet the needs of office users anytime, anywhere , allowing users to operate Office documents under control .

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Patch : Tuesday to end the war of all wars for Windows XP and Office 2003

This patch week April 8 will have a unique taste that he will finally patch for Windows XP and Office 2013 , the two products in the retirement

Microsoft issued four security bulletins , the first is the key to ranking it involves ( version of Internet Explorer 6 ~ 11) Second , as an important influence on many operating systems , Windows XP to Windows 8.1, by the server operating system

Other vulnerabilities of various ingredients office suite Office, including extended support for Word 2003 post and publisher , will also end this Tuesday with word processing software, is absorbed in criticizing the rift slag in 2003 , 2007 , 2010 and 2013 , as well as in office 2011 OS X. Publisher is affected by faults that are important , noted that in 2003 and 2007 versions of the application

In related safety alert messages and system status points unprotected , without pressing : Microsoft will update its anti -virus signature database to July 14, 2015 , however , experts are concerned that in Windows XP, 4 8, “St. hacker ‘s Day ” some success – software vulnerabilities discovered by pirates and uncorrected – probably from 50.000 $ 150,000 black …… cause injury avalanche of cyber attacks , as well as the key difficulties

Finally pointing IDC, confirmed Zhou measures Strategy Analytics, about 30 % of the enterprises are still running Windows XP computer elastic contrast breakthrough shy offer Windows 8.x ( 1:12 % of the market ) , however , seems to accelerate the transformation in the past few months , especially in the so-called “mature market”

Illustrations in Western Europe , in the context of its analysis of a romantic description of the company ‘s channel migration computer related items BtoB Park : wholesale supply of double-digit annual growth of about 5% and the fixed computer phone

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Office2013 right click menu SkyDrive Pro as the grey solution

After installing Office 2013, right-click menu will be more of a gray SkyDrive Pro. But people understand that, even if the installation of the latest version of SkyDrive, this option is not black, is still refusing to you not to discuss, so how to deal with this problem? Here the author provides two ways for you to choose.

Article 1 delete

This method is suitable for those who do not need to SkyDrive users, since it does not need, I don’t need to leave it on the screen an eyesore. The specific method is, firstly, press Win+R to enter “regedit” into the registry editor, and then find the “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shell”, found in the sub keys called the “sub sub SPFS.ContextMenu” key, delete this key. OK! Now the cancellation or restarting the computer, once again into the system, the right key menu in the “SkyDrive Pro” will no longer appear.

Article 2 activation

Of course, the above method is only suitable for those who do not need to SkyDrive users. If you like this, and I hope to use it better, or should change a way, try to get it activates.

The specific operation or through the registry editor, also positioned to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shell\SPFS.ContextMenu”. The difference is, this is not the whole sub key to delete, but double-click the right pane of the “CommandStateHandler”, and its “numerical data” column is empty.

Then go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CommandStore\shell\”. Turn the following four sub keys “SPFS.BrowseOnSharePoint”, “SPFS.CopyLink”, “SPFS.ResolveError” and “SPFS.Share” “CommandStateHandler” key emptied, methods ibid.

No need to reboot, when we open the menu again, you’ll find out who your headache can finally be used SkyDrive Pro!

Little knowledge: SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro

A lot of people think these two software should be the same set of products, but in fact…… No, not at all. Popular point said, SkyDrive is a cloud storage service developed by Microsoft Corp, through the Windows Live account login, allows users to upload their own pictures, documents stored in SkyDrive. SkyDrive Pro is a component of the Office 2013, the document is synchronized to the SharePoint document library. But the need to clear a bit is, in Office 2013 Pro in SkyDrive and SkyDrive are not the same, it actually should be upgraded version of the Office Groove.

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Windows XP, this giant buried alive by Microsoft

Security experts are worried about the ATMs equipped 95% of the system that Microsoft abandoned on April 8 .
April 8, 2014, the computer world will tremble . All computers running Windows XP will be officially helpless because Microsoft will stop security updates for this operating system. Very old across the digital time , the software is already installed on hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide , or just under a third of PC. However, the marketing of software was officially stopped in June 2008 …

At the forefront of concerns among security experts, ATMs could well be to their reputation colander . According to a study in January 2014 , 95% of them are still running Windows XP. And as usual , banks wait until the last moment to find a solution (remember gaping loopholes in the system of smart cards, still not filled ) . A situation that prompted Microsoft to extend exceptional support for Windows XP ” Embedded ” means the specific version used by distributors until January 2016.

Linux in ATMs ?

But divorce seems consumed between banks and Microsoft, because the weak capacity of automata prohibit the upgrade to Windows 7 ( or 8, if a suitable version is developed ) . Only the installation of the free system (or open source) Linux, less greedy , would give a second life to older aircraft . And this solution would also have the advantage of not being subject to the decisions of Microsoft, which has already planned the end of support for Windows 7 January 14, 2020 .

Launched in 2001 , Windows XP has had a lifetime unmatched in the market for operating systems. Taking advantage of the Windows Vista disaster , destroyed by critics, XP has retained overwhelming market share until the arrival of Windows 7 in late 2009 , and its massive deployment in the years that followed. It was not until late 2011 that is actually dethroned .

“Everything will not explode with the end of Windows XP ! ”

2014 is going to be the death knell for XP, which will not steal his place in the pantheon of software. Given the evolution of security technologies , its replacement is vital. In this context , Microsoft takes its responsibilities by forcing the hand refractory . The software giant certainly hope to take the opportunity to sell a few million licenses of the latest version of its system , Windows 8.1 , although thought to the touch , but very few ergonomic with traditional screens. Windows 7, recognized as the best Windows since XP , remains on sale until October 30, 2014 for individuals later for professionals.

In an exclusive interview with in November 2013 (see video below) , Vahe Torossian, Vice President of Microsoft World, explained the disappearance of the software: “Windows XP has over fifteen years of ! seniority the way we work today has nothing to do with the way we worked before the end of support for Windows XP is an opportunity not screaming attention alert , everything will explode . . n this is not the case . But ( an opportunity for ) refresh iT infrastructure. ”

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DX12 was the AMD Mantle change the name? Microsoft want to do

The morning still conjecture Microsoft upcoming DirectX 12 (hereinafter referred to as DX12) specification will bring what kind of change. In theory, as a new generation of graphics specification for the first time in 5 years, DX12 will not only further improve game performance and quality, but also to promote mobile platform, the host platform and PC platform unification.

But things are beyond all expectations. The SA website said the author, on the Microsoft, DX12 may not be so complicated, is very likely to Mantle API to change a name, directly apply the work of AMD.

At first glance that Microsoft: how can you be so lazy, but fine think of fear, with several clues before it is possible.

The first is AMD senior vice president Roy Taylor (before NVIDIA) an interview last year inadvertently revealed, there will not be after the DX12 specification. Although it was Microsoft and AMD emergency fire fighting, but as AMD tall, he must know some insider, he said no DX12 specification may be implied in the Microsoft won’t develop DX12, will absorb AMD, Hard Suits Inc like NVIDIA submitted specification, surface subdivision DX 11 is actually AMD, NVIDIA efforts.

The second point is AMD confidence in Mantle. After that Microsoft once launched the optimization of API like Mantle, then AMD Mantle will not be miserable? But AMD officials at the time said, they will not stop the spread of Mantle work. If the underlying optimization of Mantle and DX12 are interlinked, so this explanation is more reasonable.

Finally, in the GDC during the conference, and a lecture called “D3D and future graphics API”, rather than Microsoft speaker from AMD company, which is afford much food for thought. The AMD people to explain the D3D specification Microsoft and future graphics API, always disclosed a base.

General assembly of GDC is still in progress, Microsoft plans in the local time 20 DX12 announced details, one day the answer will be revealed. Whether the DX12 final Is it right? Mantle renamed it, at least it will absorb AMD, NVIDIA some of the latest graphics technology, have done so in the past, will do so, the only question is whether Microsoft will absorb much, how many of their ingredients inside.

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Microsoft’s Xbox controller : Everyone will work on Windows … finally

In August , Microsoft’s Xbox revealed that the one will work on purpose Windows PC game controller , will not occur until sometime in 2014 , due to the need to create a special set of drivers this week , the Director of Product Albert ‘s management penello re- confirmed in response to that commitment rumors , Microsoft plans we do not allow the current Xbox controller is to work on one PC in favor of a Windows -specific handle

After we neogaf, penello stated that the rumors are ” absolutely a mistake .” He said , when Microsoft released Windows drivers and a controller for the Xbox , they will really work with the ones that are currently out on the market , he say

No plans to do new work , a separate controller , only our WindowsIt will be the same as it is on Xbox the Xbox 360 – a controller you work this is not to say that we might not ship also PC SKU of the Xbox today a controller , much like we do our Xbox 360

In another neogaf sources said , penello while the controller works as well as Windows ” what is ” in connection modes , the development team is still working on how the work on a PC can handle wireless mode

Just when the Windows driver for the controller will be released, penello did not have an update on that topic, saying only that it will happen “this year” he told my country , “when the update is out and we have more details , I can explain the holdup. ”

A few days ago , there are third-party developers , Lucas sat released method to get the one to work Xbox controller PC is a complex scientific and technological objectives and not for the novice

I very much like the Xbox controller in an anything * (and the 360 ​​in it ) the impact of dual-controller is good too and I like them for jrpgs When I play FPS games is intended to console ( shock horror ! ) found asymmetrical layout of the Xbox controller to be far more comfortable

* Good I Lied where the Wii U Pro Controller is fucking amazing I love analog stick layout but it’s terrible , is not analog and digital trigger shoulder

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Microsoft delivery client and server Service Pack 1 for Office 2013

At the end of last year, is expected to Microsoft Microsoft executives said in “early 2014″ published the client and server of Service Pack 1 for Office 2013.

In February 25th, Microsoft promise, according to the latest Office client, SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 release of SP1. SP1 includes a variety of stability, safety and functional regeneration and repair, covering the entire Office family.

For the Office client and SharePoint Server, the following is the list includes part of SP1:

For compatibility to repair the client of Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 and Windows on the server Server 2012 R2

Better support for the latest hardware, such as high DPI equipment and precision of touch panel

New API for developers

Power Map for Excel, a 3D visualization tool for planning, exploration, and in the Excel and geographic data and time data interaction, is now available to Office 365 ProPlus subscribers

To improve click using virtualization technology, install and update the Office 365 desktop applications

SkyDrive Pro now renamed OneDrive for Business

Office 2013 SP1 also includes Microsoft released at Office 2013 (fall 2013) all public updates until the beginning of the year during the launch and cumulative update.

Here is a list of all the repair is including Office 2013 SP1 and SharePoint 2013 SP1.

At the end of last year, Microsoft official sharing part of a list of Exchange SP1 content. These features include the Windows Server 2012 R2 S/MIME in OWA support: support will return to the SP1 (SP1 customers will receive support in S/MIME Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync client and OWA); and including the Edge Transport server role.

Starting from today, according to Windows Installer (MSI) version of the Office 2013 desktop products and SharePoint 2013 Server SP1 updates will be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center, Windows updates and WSUS. In 30 days, SP1 will start to be as an automatic update release by Microsoft update, Microsoft official said. According to Office 365 users, Microsoft will in the next regular updates automatically include updates to the SP1.

Here are 32 bit version of Office 2013 SP1, and 64 bit version of Office 2013 SP1 download.

Update: Microsoft also updated office RT today (bundled with Windows RT Office version). Starting from today, the users can get the functions of SP1 through Windows update, Microsoft spokesman said. Project Server also get SP1 update starting today.

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Rob Gmail user user to break through 25000000

Microsoft today officially announced that since July this year released online in just a few months, has more than 25000000 active users. In addition, has also recently been “time” magazine as “one of the best websites of 2012 50″, and “PC Magazine” magazine as “the best software and Internet Web application”.’s director of product management David Law on the official Officce blog said, 1/3 Gmail users after the first use of, gives the following feedback:

1, they are more like interface design simple

2, better performance in spam blocking.

3, can more easily share photos and Office document.

In addition, after using for 5 days, 4/5 Gmail users say more like At the same time, also provides the following functions, so that users can more easily from to Gmail transition.

1, the keyboard shortcut: users can set in the keyboard shortcut, convenience and other business view desktop applications, Gmail.

2, rapid access mail: users can use “/” rapid access mail, then use the “to” “sub” and other words to locate.

3, label / automatic transmission: the user can click the compose window “Tab” keys to quickly send information.

4, the session thread: the user can freely choose the conversation thread.

In addition, also added other rich features, making it more easily from to Gmail transition. If a key file, more and more shortcuts, more inbox custom functions, Android version of

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Microsoft joint Tencent Lenovo Windows XP users “fence”

A PC operating system dominance, a domestic Internet boss, and a world PC industry, even for a coming from the stage of history operating software together. Yesterday, Microsoft China announced, will the United Tencent, Lenovo launched “Windows XP user support action”, as China at present 200000000 Windows XP users including “system upgrade aid”, “XP system security active defense”, “XP rescue service station”, “the XP user special edition security software”, a series of safety measures, and launched to provide relief, for XP users to upgrade and security assistance “fence plan”.

Business newspaper reporter understands, in yesterday’s conference, Microsoft, Tencent and association jointly launched the “fence intensive” plan, Microsoft malware protection center will jointly Tencent computer housekeeper, common in response to security threats in XP system; and the association will provide cover the computer service network, established more than 2000 all over the the “XP rescue service station”, the station will depend on the security technology and computer software Tencent Butler’s support, for XP users to provide free reinstall the system and system optimization, software and hardware detection and upgrade guide, personal computer cleaning and maintenance and so on a number of medical services.

In addition, daily news reporter from the Tencent official was informed that, Windows XP user support action will also jointly Jinshan, Sogou domestic mainstream Internet and security vendors, establish the sharing mechanism, common in the face of the XP user security challenges. Analysis of the industry, “fence” may also mean, Microsoft and Tencent in the future will have a deeper level of security, including information exchange, health check, technical resources sharing cooperation.

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