Lvben Fu: Microsoft’s old men are still capable of rice?

Look at Microsoft, always smoke and mirrors feel through the media coverage. Has been a question lingering in my mind, for a founded in the 1970s high-tech companies, for a rapid change in the industry over two decades to dominate the company, it is how to maintain the “base

Industry evergreen “of? Microsoft past their prime food has?
For any one company’s ability to maintain evergreen three judge: whether withstood the test of the product life cycle of change; whether withstood the test of leadership turnover; whether withstood the changes of business rules.
According to Microsoft Research Asia, the former president Harry Shum statement, Microsoft’s product portfolio can be divided into four “Field Army”: a wild operating system products; two wild is the application software products; three wild is XBOX games; Shino is covered Mainz focus for

And Google’s search engine competition series products. As long as you think about Microsoft in the world with seven Academy, Academy of recruiting the world’s most intelligent minds, each covering about Institute have developed a research and development program over the next 10 years, Microsoft has withstood changes in the product life cycle test

, There is no doubt.
According to Microsoft’s external press releases, Gates will retire in July 2008. Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie will be chief software architect Ray Ozzie jointly assume any of Microsoft’s big. It can be expected, in a state of semi-retirement to play Microsoft’s Bill Gates will still be fine

The role of God leaders, but Microsoft’s domineering will be reduced a lot. Due to time and space still has the flexibility in the choice of his successor, Microsoft can trial and error, we have the reason to remain optimistic about the company’s new replacing the old.
Over the past 20 years, the rules of the game in the world IT industry is that Microsoft and Intel jointly build the “wintel mode.” After entering the age of the Internet, Google provides another path. Although Microsoft products on the Internet has made the construction of a very significant achievement, but ISPs

Business model has not been successful on operations, “the global annual online advertising market reached $ 17 billion, while Microsoft is only a little more than about 10%, while Google’s share of more than 30%.” Of course, Microsoft will not stand still, you can acquisition of a company like Yahoo, which quickly

Occupation of the online advertising market, but these require corporate structure, corporate culture, make the appropriate changes for any company is very painful. In short, IT owners to stream rules of the game have changed, we have to wait and see whether Microsoft crossed the third test.
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Biography RIM is considering selling the business or network alliance with Microsoft

RIM’s board of directors to consider the sale of network services are facing or alliance with Microsoft enormous pressure.
RIM announced higher than expected quarterly operating loss after the company’s share price fell 18 percent in after-hours, the market value dropped to $ 4.1 billion. The company’s share price in the past year fell by 70%.
RIM said the new operating system because of the time needed to develop than expected, released Blackberry 10 (Blackberry 10) mobile devices has been postponed to early 2013, compared with the company’s initial commitment a year later.
According to sources, the postponement led to RIM board must more seriously consider other options, the new initiative will mean that RIM admit or existing policy is invalid.
Abandon the existing operating system in favor of Microsoft’s newly released Windows Phone 8 is one of the options. According to reports, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and RIM had recently approached, hoping to take the way with Nokia and RIM close alliance.
In this case, RIM or Microsoft will seek to buy a stake in the company to fund marketing and other expenses. According to sources, the selection does not appeal to RIM is concerned, because it means the end of the company’s technology independence.
According to reports, RIM BlackBerry Board 10 more inclined to continue to develop the operating system. And RIM in the hands of wireless-related patents is Microsoft objects of interest.
The communications network to sell its unique private equity firms or other technology companies is another choice of RIM. Buyers can then be RIM’s network communications center open to other vendors to provide highly confidential mail and other services to other companies or government agencies.
In this case, the business outlook is quite bleak RIM devices, sources said private equity firms are considering how to peel RIM’s hardware business.
RIM had previously considered open up its communications network to competitors, former CEO  Lee (Jim Balsillie) is the plan proponent questioned. Such an approach would face strong competitive pressure RIM’s BlackBerry sales bring new hope.
This consideration will be clear to RIM’s network services can be recognized as an independent existence outside the BlackBerry assets, once RIM phone hardware business can not survive, then, would be stripped of network services or in law.
Hedge fund manager Eric Jackson (Eric Jackson) said, RIM will be open to select the network services holding more open mind, and an open network is one of the reasons put forward former CEO  Lee to step down.

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Microsoft Surface RT pass orders to halve adjusted to 2 million units

China Taiwan region technology site DigiTimes quoted unnamed sources as saying that due to weak Surface RT tablet PC sales, Microsoft Surface RT will be the number of Asian manufacturers to cut purchases by 4 million units to 200 million units.
DigiTimes says, Surface RT sales slump may prompt Microsoft plans to cut next year January sale Surface Pro Tablet PC prices.
Microsoft spokesman said in a statement, although we have no information about the Surface RT supply and distribution to be announced, but the reports and company CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) a few weeks ago about the Surface RT’s comments conflict. Ballmer said,

Surface RT favored by consumers, and that Surface RT & lsquo; will soon be landing more countries and shops & rsquo ;.
DigiTimes reports that Asus, Samsung and Dell and other Windows RT equipment manufacturers of similar products in the market given the cold shoulder.
Sources said Microsoft will likely Surface Pro release date so far ahead of the next year before the end of January. DigiTimes said that Microsoft may also be considering the price down Surface Pro. Microsoft announced this week Surface Pro’s price $ 899 (64GB model) to $ 999

(128GB model) between.
Surface Pro’s price has been widely criticized. Storage capacity of 64GB, WiFi-Surface Pro only supports a similar configuration of the fourth-generation iPad is higher than $ 200; support 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) price of $ 829 iPad model, similar to the configuration of the Surface Pro than the low 70 America

Patrick Moorhead market research company, principal analyst at Moor Insights Strategy (Patrick Moorhead) said Microsoft Surface Pro is priced higher than similar products puzzling, Surface Pro up to $ 899 starting price will limit its sales, Microsoft

Needs to be lowered to $ 699 starting price, will be configured higher price models as $ 899.
Microsoft seems to want consumers to realize that running a full PC operating system differences Surface Pro and other tablet PCs, is no longer concerned about the difference in price. Microsoft is not yet universal as the idea that consumers should get the full PC experience on a tablet, rather than just the flat

Computer regarded as basic media consumption, play a simple game tools.

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Next five years, Microsoft will shift to higher revenue low margin business model

Through the next five years, Microsoft will see tens of millions of corporate e-mail account inflow of its data centers, the global software giant will shift toward high-revenue, low-margin business model.
According to Microsoft’s Office products division director Chris Kappa Sierra On the eve of “the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit” revealed to the media: Microsoft Corp. will see more and more companies will give up their own computer systems and turn to cheaper “cloud

. “” Count cloud computing “is the current trend: It consists of a large number of Internet giant computer configuration in the data center to remote users publish Web-based applications.
Microsoft’s business model is traditionally sold on the local server and the PC running the software, but in recent years, it has invested heavily in building data centers aspect. The company has begun to corporate customers choices: let Microsoft Corporation in the data center for its

They run the e-mail, collaboration and marketing applications, and these applications as a monthly subscription service available to customers via the Web.
According to Chris Kappa Sierra said that Microsoft plans to provide customers with two programs of traditional license and subscription service model for customers to choose. and Google’s competitors, including the subscription service model is provided to the customer. According to him,

Exchange Online will be the most important application software has been used by corporate customers in the next five years, 50% of the Exchange e-mail will be transferred to Exchange Online. According to market research firm Radicati expects corporate e-mail account to run Exchange

2012 will grow this year to 319 million 210 million.
In addition, Chris Kappa Sierra also said to “cloud computing” will give Microsoft the business sector’s business model has brought some changes. Traditionally, customers pay for software licenses to Microsoft, buy their own computer systems, hire staff to manage their computer systems

; After using the service model, Microsoft’s profit margins may decrease. For Microsoft, the key is to improve the efficiency as much as possible of their computer systems, reduce the hardware costs. This will be our business model to get the key to success.

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