Microsoft’s $ 7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia to complete the Nokia brand will be retained

BEIJING, April 25 electrical (IT channel Zhang Ian) Today, Microsoft [microblogging] acquisition of Nokia [microblogging] equipment and services sector will fully completed. This lasted nearly eight months, totaling $ 7.2 billion takeover will come to an end today. By then, Microsoft will take over Nokia, including mobile phones, smart devices business, the design team, including equipment and services sectors, as well this website and related social media.

Currently, Nokia is mainly owned equipment and services, Here maps and network equipment three business segments, including equipment and services sector is mainly responsible for the mobile phone business, including the Lumia brand and all products. With this acquisition, Microsoft will pay 3.79 billion euros Nokia also be used to purchase an additional 1.65 billion euros patent assets, totaling 5.44 billion euros, or about $ 7.2 billion. In terms of human resources, after the acquisition is completed, about 32,000 Nokia employees including manufacturing, assembly and packaging of products will go to Microsoft office.

However, many overseas media reported that after the acquisition of Nokia will be renamed “Microsoft is moving.” According to the Beijing Morning Post reported, after the acquisition by Nokia for whether renamed “Windows Mobile” Nokia’s staff, said: “Microsoft Mobile is the entity’s name, and the ‘Nokia’ as the product brand will always use to say, on the 25th. after the merger is completed, consumers will still buy Nokia’s mobile phone call. “in fact, as early as February this year, Microsoft spokesman had publicly said that Nokia devices and services sector in the fall, Microsoft, Nokia will continue to use the trademark production of mobile phones .

It is understood that Nokia sold equipment and services sector in 2012 was 14.9 billion euros Nokia brings in revenue, 50% of its total revenue. Through this deal, Nokia will profit 3.2 billion euros, or about $ 4.22 billion. Nokia camp after joining Microsoft, Nokia Lumia hardware will also get more support from Microsoft.

For Microsoft, Nokia to establish a long history, product design, solid foundation, Microsoft’s WP strategy for Nokia Lumia smart phone business generated strong dependence. According to statistics, in 2013, Microsoft WP smart phones is growing rapidly, annual shipments reached 33.4 million, an increase of 90 percent compared with last year. In more than thirty million smart phones, nine became Nokia Lumia smartphone. After the acquisition of Nokia’s hardware division, Microsoft will be Windows practical sense Phone [microblogging] OEM manufacturers, almost exclusive production and provide Windows Phone device, its influence in the mobile sector will further increase.

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Tenth China International Animation Game Expo opening game giants gathered a

Tenth China International Animation Game Expo will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition today until the 14th. As one of the special events this year, with 2000 square meters of exhibition hall will be to demonstrate the global animation over the past 10 years the classic image, as well as the development of China’s original animation. In addition, visitors will be exposed to cosplay, doll interactive, creative signings, celebrity appearances and other rich exhibitors activities.

Although the first day of the event only just kicked off, but the reporter has attracted thousands of visual animation and game fans figure. Like last year, we can see from the clothes to the equipment completely mimic Gundam cosplay fans, but also to see the first classic cartoon characters made ​​the children stand still lingering presence. The hands of reporters have a detailed list of this year’s event, and compared to previous years, the most prominent change is the Chinese elements more. For example, cosplay shows and electronic games unit, from the activities of domestic exhibitors accounted for a large share.

Today, most worthy of our attention, is a lecture entitled “Prospects of Chinese animation next decade Roundtable” sub-forum, when the Ministry of Culture official game animation giants at home and abroad will sit together, and discuss the future development of the Chinese game animation industry pattern, which foreign companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and other giants of the game will be gathered in a rare, I believe it will crash a wonderful view. Shanghai this year also coincides with the first year of the FTA to open gates to foreign game makers, many foreign giants also take this opportunity to show ambition and strength of the Chinese market.

Zhang Wei, director of the exposition of publicity, said: “This year there are a large number of first-time exhibitors exhibitors, they will bring a lot of exciting content, such as Sony and knowledgeable Microsoft, which is after the establishment of the Free Trade Area of ​​the two consoles that after the block relative to the business open, enter the two largest joint ventures, they will put on this exhibition provides an opportunity to demo them to the audience in the Chinese market next year or the beginning of the game and put some equipment, Disney and DreamWorks also brought their classics, Disney will showcase “the Avengers,” “Iron Man,” “captain America” and “Star Wars” at the scene, which we are more familiar like the image and character. ”
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Console wars: Microsoft Xbox One win Sony

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 two games, in the past Black Friday, ushered in the first positive contest, the results have been released & mdash; & mdash; Microsoft Xbox One victory.
Currently, the authority has not released sales data vendors, but the American market research company InfoScout, conducted a survey for the consumer to arrive at a Black Friday game console war battlefield.
Microsoft is a big winner in doubt, Xbox series game consoles, the day Black Friday sales share of 61%. In addition, Microsoft and Sony’s two new consoles, occupying 46% of the share.
According to the analysis, Microsoft game victory for two main reasons, first of all, the Sony PlayStation 4 recently appeared insufficient supply, consumers are not readily available, in addition to Wal-Mart to the old section of the Xbox 360 price cuts were a big promotion, retail price of only $ 99.
Although the pricing of $ 499 Xbox One, it is expensive, but in the Wal-Mart and Target, it became the best-selling game consoles, occupy the share was 31%.
Microsoft ranked second in the old section of the Xbox 360, the same day the share was 30%. Among them, this game is priced at $ 180 Target, Wal-Mart cheaper by half.
Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 share of sales are 15%, ranked third and fourth place. PS3 sells for $ 149 at Wal-Mart, Target sells for $ 199 at the two supermarkets PS4 are priced at $ 399.
Nintendo’s Wii U mediocre day sales share of only 6%, a distant fifth. The game priced at $ 275 Target, Wal-Mart is priced at $ 299. The old section of the Nintendo Wii, ranked sixth share of 1%, the price at Wal-Mart and Target were $ 99 and $ 129.
Media noted that in both the initial market game contest, Microsoft Xbox One victory, but more on that Microsoft took advantage of the supply chain, to ensure that the reorganization of supply during the Christmas season game, by contrast, Sony missed the market supply shortage.
Players to buy game consoles, naturally also buy the game software. Above market research company statistics show that “Call of Duty 10 ghost” Black Friday has become the best-selling games ahead, “Disney: Unlimited” and “dragons Spyro: Switching power” ranked second and third.
The survey found that video game players to buy in Black Friday, eight said it was the parents, who gave their Christmas gifts, one to represent you may begin to play before Christmas.
Allegedly, InfoScout video game based on the daily market research survey of more than 3,000 consumers, as well as 83,000 shopping bills.

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Microsoft VS Tencent “wheatgrass” has been blocked can survive?

May 29 Microsoft intelligent robot wheatgrass on-line chat. Microsoft wheatgrass, Microsoft will be available through the official website claimed, adding as a friend and pulled the micro-channel micro-channel group group chat. In addition to the realization of human-computer interaction, Microsoft wheatgrass also reminded both groups, Wikipedia, weather, horoscopes, jokes, Traffic Guide

, Dining reviews and other functions.

June 1, Tencent cripple wheatgrass account. The reason for the ban wheatgrass, Tencent said the products involved simulate user actions and induce users to pull groups, bulk trash account registration rules and other affected platforms and user experience irregularities.
Many professional personnel from multiple angles analysis Tencent blocked wheatgrass real reason, no nothing more than Tencent strong desire to control their own products, as well as a lot of restrictions on third-party products. IResearch Research Institute says Cao believes that Microsoft hopes to become mobile Internet wheatgrass

Internet search new entrance. And now the Internet giants are looking for such an entrance, Tencent do not want to appease the enemy.
For the above analysis, we can see behind the e kill all the tricky! There is a saying arbitrary and hang him, wheatgrass only three days it was blocked, Tencent worry wheatgrass store user dialogue, invasion of privacy. Internet companies may be the so-called big data, not just on user habits into

Line analysis? How big is the difference between data and invasion of privacy? Microsoft itself is not enough time for wheatgrass to the user’s degree of dependence, can survive in the harsh environment?
Do you support the ban wheatgrass?
@ Moonlight blog: Microsoft wheatgrass is a very good product, is based on data mining and intelligent search chat robots. However, currently only used in micro-channel platform, equivalent to direct and Tencent grab food to eat, be blocked Tencent is imagined.
JcNelSon: Expect Microsoft to block all system platforms penguins!
@ Albatron over day: wheatgrass does involve network and network media guide leak problem, continue unrestricted free to let foreign companies enter the Chinese web portal, developed to the last known hotspot found, call wheatgrass, to a network of zombies and well-known big build-up, confuse

, So that would be a true reflection of public opinion become America’s voice network field, this is not just leak problem, is America’s offensive cyber weapons!
@ Are positive element: afraid, Tencent version wheatgrass will soon come.
@ Jazz Silver Party: What do you like to know a secret U.S.? America will know whom to play one-night stand around saying you what? Touches Chinese companies to sell our insurance companies basic information, so that they harass us.

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