Open: U.S. stocks rose 0.29 percent higher to clear the way means

U.S. stocks opened higher on Monday. Several Fed officials will deliver a speech. Investors waiting for the U.S. March manufacturing purchasing managers’ index.

EST at 09:31 on March 24 (Beijing time at 21:31 on March 24), the Dow Jones industrial average rose 46.62 points to 16,349.39 points, or 0.29%; Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 3.77 points to close at 1,870.29 points , or 0.20%; Nasdaq [microblogging] Comprehensive

Aggregate index rose 9.13 points to 4,285.92 points, or 0.21%.

U.S. stocks fell on Friday, the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq are up to down, partly due to increased market volatility due to quadruple witching. Monday, investors get from the Asian markets had a positive guidance, Asian stock markets closed mostly higher, bad economic data released by China of the market

Speculation Beijing may introduce more measures to stimulate economic growth.

HSBC announced the “Preview” China March manufacturing purchasing managers index fell to 48.5 from February’s 48.1, below market expectations of 48.7. 50 points is the distinction between the expansion or contraction of the watershed. With the decline in the index in March, China’s factory activity index has been in

The lowest point since January 8. HSBC chief China economist Qu Hongbin said the results “indicate that China’s economic growth momentum continued to slow down.”

French bank Societe Generale analyst Mixia Na – Markusen (Michala Marcussen), said: “In view of the rapidly deteriorating situation, Beijing is unlikely to sit idly by, but it is unlikely to take aggressive action we expect the liquidity situation and relaxed. accelerate a little bit base

Foundation construction investment. ”

America will be announced in March manufacturing purchasing managers’ index, this data will be released on Monday at 9:45 am EST.

Fed Governor Jeremy – Stein (Jeremy Stein) in the Fed’s public financing Assembly opening speech. He said public financing in favor of community development, but did not talk about the U.S. economy and interest rates and monetary policy.

The latter will have a speech this week, more Fed officials, including the St. Louis Fed President James – Brad, Cleveland Fed President Sandra – Pianalto and so on. Brad is not a voting member of the Fed’s policy-making committee, Pianalto is yes.

Corporate news, Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares rose, weekend reports that the company is working with Comcast (CMCSA) carry out the streams – TV services cooperative negotiations.

Microsoft [microblogging] (MSFT) to $ 7.45 billion acquisition of Nokia [microblogging] mobile handset division has been postponed, “Wall Street Journal” reported that Asian regulators this transaction were assessed.

First Solar (FSLR) attention, the stock rose 36 percent last week, becoming the best-performing S & P 500 constituents. Last week, the company said it expects 2014 sales to rise from about $ 3.3 billion to $ 4 billion.

Other financial market side, the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures prices fell $ 20 an ounce, $ 1,316. Crude oil futures rose 54 cents to $ 100.00 a barrel.

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Chuan Google pressuring Asus strangle Win8 + Android tablet hybrid

Held in January at CES, Asus has released a tablet called the Transformer Book Duet TD300′s. Although the appearance point of view TD300 with the previously announced Asus tablet is not much difference, but it is equipped with Android and TD300

Windows 8 dual system, one can run a flood of Android touch applications, while also enhancing productivity through Windows 8, and if then with a keyboard dock, then, TD300 functionally almost be called a Windows laptop with Android flat

Hybrid board.

However, according to recent Taiwanese technology media, “Electronic Times” reported that Google has put pressure on the Asus, TD300 to cancel the listing plan.

The report said Google did so because Google believes equipped with dual system TD300 will affect the development of Android. From a business perspective, such as the TD300 models running a dual system will not only increase the sales of Intel X86 processors, but also conducive to competition

Better promotion of rival Microsoft Windows, which is part of the threat to the Android market. In fact, this is also not the first time Google changes the pressure and made a request to the Android camp OEM manufacturers. Launched aboard the Galaxy Tab Pro Magazine UX and Samsung Galaxy

NotePro when Google had to alter the basis on Android too much for the reason Samsung disable Magazine UX.

While taking into account the Asus Intel will become one of the important partners in this year and will be given various incentives Asus, the cancellation TD300 listing plan is not a good news for Intel. Although TD300 may ultimately unable to meet with consumers, but from the most

Recent rumors, the Asus Transformer is also possible in the launch of two new series of tablet PCs. Of course, considering the authenticity of the message is still unknown, so exactly how TD300 ultimate fate is still unknown.

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Cattle wrote: has been copied Apple has never been beyond the apple is good!

We often say experts in the private sector, indeed, Samsung Apple’s patent lawsuit lasted a few weeks later, a foreigner folk masters out spoken, this person is James Allworth on a blog, he described a very short space their views on the lawsuit, and then

Behind the uncovered something we really care about – our lawsuit really impatient to have this time not as innovative as you innovative enough, you do not win let others copy, you win!
Because Apple Samsung patent lawsuit, we have a rare opportunity to see these two companies is how it works behind the scenes, but all to unravel a mystery: Samsung copied Apple in the end there? But I think there is a more interesting about the future of technological innovation problem: no

Pipe court ruled Samsung did not copy Apple have, if we allow companies to plagiarize other companies, or other companies to encourage companies to plagiarism, will be better for us?
This is not the first time Apple’s involvement in high-risk ‘plagiarism’ case back to the mid-1990s, when there is the famous Microsoft “look and feel” of patent lawsuits, with the case of Apple’s much like today Language: “We creating a graphical user interface, Microsoft copied us, if

Our competitors blindly copying us, we will be unable to innovation, because it is only futile, “and the end result is that Apple lost the case, ten years later, Apple has stood in the same plaintiff seats, can not win the same is unknown .
I. But then the real good show:
Apple has not stopped innovation, Microsoft lost the lawsuit, the same as the same iMac, OS X iPod out, and then to the iPhone for Apple fame, then iPad icing on the cake, but the puzzle is: If plagiarism prevents innovation, Why Apple is Microsoft’s last

After copying did not stop innovation? And plagiarism did not affect their ability to innovation! If you simply want to say one effect: that instead of stimulating it to accelerate innovation. Because Apple will not stop to eat his savings, wore the title of one of the largest companies in the technology industry, they will

Innovation is required as soon as possible.
Last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote an expert author “fake economy: how to stimulate innovation and imitation,” a text book view this article just fit. Many people think that the rules in this industry is: do not stop copying, innovation stops; however counterintuitive, the author of the book

Raustiala and Sprigman show that: There are many examples of plagiarism open but let the technology industry to thrive, both are great innovations based on existing things, and requires the right to freedom of plagiarism. So let alone a tablet of Apple.

Two. Others may think it is plagiarism incident, but for me it is a perfect field of operation in the market.
If Apple wins the final, preventing Samsung released the phone and tablet; or Samsung to pay a fee before they can publish to Apple, but anyone would believe that this will facilitate market innovation it? Or tablet will suddenly be more cheaper? Not at all! Conversely, if Samsung wins, you say Ping

Fruit will now refuse innovative iPhone and iPad yet? This is not the first time Apple lose its case, it is of course not!
Now, if you agree with my thoughts, I do not think these companies in court in order to “over who copied who” blows What is inappropriate, these proceedings indicate the fact is: everyone copying each other. Microsoft, Apple did not invent the mouse anyone, GUI, touch screen, refuse

Rubbish barrel, operating system …… maintenance of plagiarism in this world is not the best way to law, but to continuously improve the rate of innovation so that you do not win on the hand-written, this is the best way for the user, as well as the essence of true innovation.

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Microsoft’s new strategy: prayer

The PC industry has gone through 35 years or so, it is already shrinking indisputable fact. But with the popularity of tablet devices such as the iPad, I am afraid PC shrinking faster than pessimists expected.
Yesterday, two long-term follow PC industry research firm released a set of data. First quarter of 2013, IDC said PC shipments 76 million, a decrease of 13.9% over the same period last year; while IDC had expected this figure is a reduction of about 7.7%, but the actual figure is expected to almost double

. The consulting firm Gartner estimates the figure is 79 million units, and about 11.2% of the reductions – while 11 percent are decreasing the amount of time to become optimistic estimates, ah, there should be something in it.
Look at this set of data, the PC industry bearish unashamedly. But whatever the outcome of the first quarter, as well as shipments 7600-79000000 or so, many businesses and individuals are using PC, a lot of people ready to get a new machine. PC is still a huge amount of industry body, just not as big.
Just look around you will know the user: PC remains our indispensable part of everyday life, and even more indispensable than ever.
Images from
The only real collapse Wintel PC, Microsoft and Intel co-product, configuration x86 processors and the Windows system. Microsoft put the failure of the product due to Win 8.
IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell said of Microsoft:
“Thus, Win 8 release not only failed to achieve the purpose of stimulating the PC market, but also a drag, although there are some users are very interested in the new touch-screen elements and special features of this system are compatible, but it is quite different intense changes in user habits and increase into touch compatible

This allows the tablet PC in front of the fine and other devices are becoming less and less attractive. If Microsoft wants to revive the PC market, want to go through the necessary process of drastic reform. ”
This view has been very straightforward to explain the situation of Win 8, but considering that this is a careful study of the draft through the company issued to the media, so when we have to remove part of the understanding of PR colors. O’Donnell with a large reduction vernacular say: Ballmer screwed up.
IDC from 1994 began to focus Microsoft’s data, Win 8 launch in October last year, followed by a quarter PC shipments is ever dismal three months. Gartner claimed that the quarter was the slowest growth since the 2009 quarter. In other words, the impact of the financial crisis is finally over

Gone, but thanks to Win 8, PC is still stuck in recession. Microsoft also had to worry about the outside world to do their own hardware will not annoy Hewlett-Packard and Dell, Hewlett-Packard, but now it seems they should beware not Surface, but Win 8 system itself. Since the release Win 8 after Dell this quarter

Shipments fell 11 points, HP even worse, 24% (note: This is perhaps the PC market trend, and can not be attributed solely to Win 8).
Although he had never had Win 8 people expect to become the ruler of the PC side, but it was released at the beginning of the outside world does not hold the low expectations: at least he thinks Microsoft Win 8 can be dominant in the Windows system, but now it seems, Win 8 “slowed down the development of the market.” Microsoft designed the

A fine pistol, aimed at his feet, then pulled the trigger.
PC shipments after the data release, Microsoft shares fell 5 points, a 13 billion market value evaporated. But Win 8 fans have expressed confidence in the stock market, Win 8 will dominate the market, just need a little time to get consumer recognition. Raymond James forecast for this year there will be a number of low-cost

Touch-screen devices to the market, which would stimulate consumption Win 8′s.
For now, Microsoft is the best response is: wait and pray. Microsoft Win 8 can expect a better market performance. For a company, there is hope is a good thing, but a big company’s business model can not be built on “hope” above.

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