Microsoft Surface RT pass orders to halve adjusted to 2 million units

China Taiwan region technology site DigiTimes quoted unnamed sources as saying that due to weak Surface RT tablet PC sales, Microsoft Surface RT will be the number of Asian manufacturers to cut purchases by 4 million units to 200 million units.
DigiTimes says, Surface RT sales slump may prompt Microsoft plans to cut next year January sale Surface Pro Tablet PC prices.
Microsoft spokesman said in a statement, although we have no information about the Surface RT supply and distribution to be announced, but the reports and company CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) a few weeks ago about the Surface RT’s comments conflict. Ballmer said,

Surface RT favored by consumers, and that Surface RT & lsquo; will soon be landing more countries and shops & rsquo ;.
DigiTimes reports that Asus, Samsung and Dell and other Windows RT equipment manufacturers of similar products in the market given the cold shoulder.
Sources said Microsoft will likely Surface Pro release date so far ahead of the next year before the end of January. DigiTimes said that Microsoft may also be considering the price down Surface Pro. Microsoft announced this week Surface Pro’s price $ 899 (64GB model) to $ 999

(128GB model) between.
Surface Pro’s price has been widely criticized. Storage capacity of 64GB, WiFi-Surface Pro only supports a similar configuration of the fourth-generation iPad is higher than $ 200; support 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) price of $ 829 iPad model, similar to the configuration of the Surface Pro than the low 70 America

Patrick Moorhead market research company, principal analyst at Moor Insights Strategy (Patrick Moorhead) said Microsoft Surface Pro is priced higher than similar products puzzling, Surface Pro up to $ 899 starting price will limit its sales, Microsoft

Needs to be lowered to $ 699 starting price, will be configured higher price models as $ 899.
Microsoft seems to want consumers to realize that running a full PC operating system differences Surface Pro and other tablet PCs, is no longer concerned about the difference in price. Microsoft is not yet universal as the idea that consumers should get the full PC experience on a tablet, rather than just the flat

Computer regarded as basic media consumption, play a simple game tools.

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Next five years, Microsoft will shift to higher revenue low margin business model

Through the next five years, Microsoft will see tens of millions of corporate e-mail account inflow of its data centers, the global software giant will shift toward high-revenue, low-margin business model.
According to Microsoft’s Office products division director Chris Kappa Sierra On the eve of “the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit” revealed to the media: Microsoft Corp. will see more and more companies will give up their own computer systems and turn to cheaper “cloud

. “” Count cloud computing “is the current trend: It consists of a large number of Internet giant computer configuration in the data center to remote users publish Web-based applications.
Microsoft’s business model is traditionally sold on the local server and the PC running the software, but in recent years, it has invested heavily in building data centers aspect. The company has begun to corporate customers choices: let Microsoft Corporation in the data center for its

They run the e-mail, collaboration and marketing applications, and these applications as a monthly subscription service available to customers via the Web.
According to Chris Kappa Sierra said that Microsoft plans to provide customers with two programs of traditional license and subscription service model for customers to choose. and Google’s competitors, including the subscription service model is provided to the customer. According to him,

Exchange Online will be the most important application software has been used by corporate customers in the next five years, 50% of the Exchange e-mail will be transferred to Exchange Online. According to market research firm Radicati expects corporate e-mail account to run Exchange

2012 will grow this year to 319 million 210 million.
In addition, Chris Kappa Sierra also said to “cloud computing” will give Microsoft the business sector’s business model has brought some changes. Traditionally, customers pay for software licenses to Microsoft, buy their own computer systems, hire staff to manage their computer systems

; After using the service model, Microsoft’s profit margins may decrease. For Microsoft, the key is to improve the efficiency as much as possible of their computer systems, reduce the hardware costs. This will be our business model to get the key to success.

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360 push Microsoft’s “fire” patch effective in preventing the flame virus

Middle discovered super cyber espionage virus Flame (Flame), Microsoft released an emergency patch this purpose be prevention. Beijing on the 4th, 360 security center in the country to push the patch, you can prevent flame viruses use Microsoft digital signature spoofing vulnerability disguise, so as to domestic users computer

Completely extinguish the fire.
It is reported that the flame is one of the most complex virus ever. Due to large number of open source database comes SQLLite library and use scripting language, the virus file reaches 20MB huge. Even more critical problem is that viruses use Microsoft digital signature flame spoofing vulnerability camouflage,

It looks like the software released by Microsoft, so many breakthroughs in anti-virus software to intercept. Now with the release of patch fire, flame lethal virus greatly reduced since then, it is difficult to break and then random security system on the user’s computer.
360 Security Center, said flame virus attacks mainly targeted at Iran and other Middle Eastern computers, domestic no signs of massive infection, the number of computers currently detected only remnants of the virus, more than 100 units, and from the Middle East is likely to be users do not Shen will carry the flame virus entry.
360 anti-virus and security guards are integrated world-renowned anti-virus engine, fast response and more 360 cloud security can effectively killing the flame & rsquo; virus. 360 security experts Dr. Shi Xiaohong said that with the Microsoft patch fixes a digital signature fire spoofing vulnerability, 360 security guards

The patch quickly pushed to the domestic computer users, thus further strengthening the flame virus defense, the protection of Chinese computer users from attack.

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Microsoft OOXML an international standard multi-national opposition was

Microsoft To promote its OOXML document format as an international standard plan was opposition growing. Following Brazil, India and China led to Microsoft Open Office XML document format as an ISO International Standard is to protest and appeal, yesterday, Denmark also OOXML is also a landmark for the country

Quasi objection.
The main reason is that OOXML Danish opposition to some XML schema, interoperability, and maintenance factors inconvenient doubts. Since OOXML document format suffer multinational appeal, Microsoft recently become an official document to get OOXML ISO standard notification has been shelved.
Early April, ISO’s vote confirmed that Microsoft’s Open Office XML document format as an international standard, then, China, Russia, India and other countries voted against it. April this year, ISO formally announced its acceptance of OOXML as a draft international standard, but according to Cheng

Order requires that Microsoft at least until June to get a formal ISO standard text.
Previously, Open Office XML rival Open Document Format (Open Source, the English referred ODF) has been approved as an international standard ISO. Microsoft format as an international standard means that they ODF document format war and fought a draw.
However, from the current wave of opposition to OOXML situation there is a growing view, by the national pressure, ISO formally issued in the short term is difficult approval to Microsoft.
Some analysts believe that, according to the current situation, Microsoft’s OOXML document format standards “stillborn” is not surprising.
Recently, in order to quell opposition parties, Microsoft has made ​​a concession: Let Office 2007 to support ODF, PDF and XPS file formats, such as competitors, however, Microsoft this initiative has not been recognized.
Many people think that Microsoft trying to make OOXML as an international standard document, the purpose is to support the Open Office XML format of Office 2007 office software access to lucrative government procurement contracts, as all levels of government in many countries in the procurement of international standards for software support

Registration document format requirements.

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