Autumn Battle River City, WGT2008 Wuhan station this week Kasai

October 2008 10-12 May, the world’s top e-sports tournament game WGT2008 race fourth leg will be held in Wuhan station famous Wuhan Optical Valley Electronic Sports Square. By then, many of the stars will gather in Wuhan gaming compete to enter the global finals tickets. And for that

The advent of competition, WGT Wuhan station official said: “It came to Wuhan so we are very excited because this city in the minds of a lot of gaming and e-sports enthusiasts are closely linked to believe the weekend meeting. very exciting. “in the past two years, Wuhan

With a number of major e-sports events held such as WSVG, MGC, CEG, the first national championship was held electronic games has quietly become one of China E-sports center city. Strong government support, centralized enthusiasts, public awareness is high for e-sports to

And the city and the people born in Wuhan inclusive mind so that the development of e-sports are booming. A gaming media commented to reporters: “If you are an e-sports reporter, you will find in the past period of time, you’ve been the largest city is Wuhan.

“And this competition venue Optical Valley Electronic Sports Plaza is an iconic place in Wuhan Not only are many competitions held here, but there is still a major Chinese e-sports team training venues.” Here it is from our school nearly as long as the game I

The term, students will come here usually we exchange technology. “A university student from the Optical Valley Electronic Sports Plaza near Huazhong University of Science and Technology, told reporters. Optical Valley Electronic Sports Plaza is a professional e-sports competition venues, here are the most professional equipment,

Including the host, mouse and keyboard and chair. There is also a professional broadcast area, there is the main stage, the audience area, as well as a ‘horse six’ price of high-definition projectors to meet the visual needs of the audience. “We’ve got contractors game experience, but because of the Olympics, there is a

Period of time there is no large-scale game, hope WGT will be a good start after the Olympics. “A staff member of the Optical Valley Electronic Sports Square introduced to the course, Wuhan is also because of the good atmosphere and convenient transportation will be many professional experts chosen venue, plus

Deriving,  other well-known local players, I believe this game will be a star-studded Wuhan station. Worth the wait, the last year where the number of applicants exceeds Starcraft Warcraft 3, do not know that this year will not repeat such a feat. “WGT races of the game has been

After half, Wuhan station in addition to the importance of itself, can be said of one race or nexus, is a summary of the past three stations and an inspiration for after four races. At present, all the preparations have been completed, in particular by far the most professional venues light

Valley Electronic Sports Plaza gave me great confidence that we are now waiting for the master gaming and gaming enthusiasts to be here at the weekend to attend WGT prepared feast of gaming. “WGT tournament overall responsibility confidently said.

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Microsoft to open retail stores and Apple Valley’s first opposing

November 12 morning news, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley in the United States on Friday of the first retail store opened in Santa Clara, while the opposite is Apple’s retail stores. The store is located in the most bustling Santa Clara Valley Fair Mall, an area of ​​4000 square feet (about 370

Square), similar to the layout of furnishings stores and Apple retail stores are stores with bright glass facades, in-store product display in accordance with the function of different colors long wooden table, and is divided into Xbox games area, Windows Phone handset District, Office software District, PC and Tablet PC area.

Microsoft retail sale of products, including the Xbox 360, Kinect somatosensory peripheral, Windows Phone smart phones as well as a variety of PC and tablet PCs, which are the most popular Kinect somatosensory peripherals. The store also set up a lot of product experience area, including touch desktop

Surface, Kinect games area and PC games area. To celebrate the opening, Microsoft’s retail stores provide customers with a 15% buy back $ 100, $ 500 to buy back 20% as well as $ 1,000 to buy back 25% of the many discounts, and distributed to the customer service card worth $ 100. Unlike Apple

Members of unified retail blue T-shirt, Microsoft retail staff dressed in blue, red, yellow, green and other colorful T-shirts; addition, another difference with Apple retail stores, Microsoft retail stores have employees of all ages customers of different ages to explain and services. A

Female employees Sina science and technology, which is Microsoft’s first retail store in Silicon Valley, Thursday 9:53, when the door has opened dozens of people waiting in line, and even customers waiting in line opening night. She said the store is located in Apple opposite hand because it is

Santa Clara’s most bustling shopping centers, with the largest local traffic, on the other hand also want to give to the Apple retail customers more choices and let them through Microsoft retail products and experiences learned that Microsoft is a very cool product. Another male clerk said, Microsoft’s future

Will open more stores in the local (Silicon Valley), may soon shop at Kupudinuo. (Note: Kupudinuo is Apple’s headquarters) Sina science and technology found in Apple stores across the entrance there are nearly 20 people waiting in line to buy iPhone 4S. The 10

Apple’s next-generation iPhone has been listed early in the sale, although nearly a month, but there is still a hard to find, the official website also need to wait two weeks to order before shipping. In comparison, the popularity of Apple’s retail stores, or higher than Microsoft, checkout customers are waiting in a long queue. Apple

Retail clerk for Microsoft store opening reaction is very cold, a clerk for Sina Technology said, “Microsoft open in opposite does not matter, consumers will know what is cool product, we do not care.” This shop is Microsoft’s first Silicon Valley 13 retail stores, and Apple is now the world has

With 357 through retail stores in the United States 245. 2001, Apple opened its first retail stores in the United States, Virginia, Tyson’s Corner Mall. As of last year’s data, Apple retail stores on average every area of ​​720 square meters, the average annual sales per store $ 34,100,000

. And Microsoft’s first retail store opened in October 2009 already.

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Surface tablet priced too high or step Zune footsteps

With the RTM version of the exposure, more and more people are concerned about Microsoft’s actions, while Microsoft’s own Surface tablet also will work with the latest operating system Windows 8 on October 26 released. Despite the expected impact on the listing after the Surface existing market, especially the corporate market, but some analysts look bad Surface, due to the high price or will be the next Zune. Microsoft acknowledges Surface release affected the relationship between and OEM manufacturers, will likely weaken PC OEM side of the Windows support. Microsoft knows this approach a bit risky, but I believe the launch of Microsoft’s own Surface is a wise choice. The CEO Ballmer is hoping to sell a few million units Surface. Market analyst Canalys, said restricting Surface (including RT and Pro versions) high price sales, overpriced and not to attract consumers to buy products, and companies may want to try the reduction costs, the use of relatively inexpensive iPad and Nexus 7. And the high cost of patent licensing is a key production constraints. And Android and iOS currently on the market has been relatively more mature, Windows 8 itself is a large-scale attempt to make, the new operating experience did not accept the market test, merely by virtue of the previous brand is obvious enough, this Canalys said the Surface is likely to fail, “the similarity of Microsoft Surface tablet PC field and before the Zune portable music player in the field of influence.” obviously, Canalys Zhefan analogy sounds sharp, but it seems very accurate. The main point is that based on the current price brutally competitive tablet market, there is no clear price advantage but with this brand appeal and multi-device, cross-platform publicity is obviously not enough.

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Microsoft’s 64 security vulnerabilities McAfee remind timely upgrades

Microsoft has just released the 2011 largest security vulnerabilities, including 17 security bulletins, covering 64 vulnerabilities. In these vulnerabilities, nine level to “serious”, 8 level is “important”, can affect all versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Visual Studio, .NET Framework and the Graphics Device Interface (GDI +). At the same time, this security bulletin also covers a month had disclosed the MHTML bug, this vulnerability caused quite a stir in the media. However, McAfee Labs security research and communications director Dave Marcus opinion: “We have recently seen compared with zero-day code execution vulnerability, there is currently no evidence that, MHTML vulnerability affects Microsoft this month’s patch day bigger break. its hit a record last December, that were issued 17 patches for 40 vulnerabilities. huge number of the announced 64 vulnerabilities, any organization can not be underestimated. “it is worth mentioning that, Last month CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacking contest for the use of CVE 2011-1345 vulnerability, Microsoft has provided a corresponding patch. The vulnerability for Windows 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, capable of supporting remote hacker to execute arbitrary code via unknown vectors. Marcus said: “In fact, currently only found in a limited number of Pwn2Own (CVE 2011-1345) exploit.” McAfee recommends that all users install the Microsoft patch as soon as possible. Home users should use Windows Automatic Updates. Users need to deploy enterprise risk management strategy to prioritize patches. McAfee provides businesses terminal and network-based security technologies as well as risk and compliance tools to protect against cyber attacks, and support enterprises to deploy patches in a timely manner according to the needs.

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